Oli Foster / 25th August 2017

The 4 most important benefits of video marketing

There are so many important benefits of video marketing, and more are emerging all the time.

We talk a lot about content marketing and its positive impact on business, but with so many forms of content to choose from, it’s not always easy to identify which form will be the most effective in communicating your message.

This is where video marketing becomes an obvious choice. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a study has reported that 1 minute of video conveys as much information as 1.8 million words.

Here are our top 4 benefits of video marketing.

1. The numbers benefit

We begin with the bottom line, and the statistics don’t lie. 61% of businesses use video content, and 76% say the ROI is well worth it.

Video content is usually some of the most expensive to produce, but with technological advancements and competition in the field, it is fast becoming much cheaper.

Research has also shown that the most important factor to video audiences is not production value. They would rather watch a cheaply-made video containing good information than anything that places style over substance.

Video is proven to generate up to 3 times more organic inbound links, up to 42% more search click-throughs, and up to 300% more unique monthly site visits.

This is because investment in video is investment in SEO, as more time is spent on your website watching content. Search engines interpret this as good reception and you are up to 55 times more likely to place highly on Google search results

Video is an investment, but it is both versatile and profitable at the same time.

2. The image benefit

Creating video content changes your public perception. It builds trust.

We know that trust is becoming more and more important to consumers. Video is perfect to enhance your image, as it is so easily able to affect people’s emotions.

The combination of visual, our most dominant sense, and auditory content, evokes a far more real response than text alone. In fact, people are 59% more likely to watch a video than to read a text post.

If people can see your product or service in action, they are less likely to be sceptical about it. 64-74% of people have bought a product or service after watching an explanatory or demonstrative video.

3. The audience benefit

Video is a more direct way to interact with your audience. This is especially true on mobile devices, where videos are being viewed over 200% more frequently each year.

Mobile users are far more likely to feel a personal connection to video content than desktop users, as long as the content is relevant and non-invasive.

As well as this, video drastically increases your reach. Video content is among the most frequently shared on social networks, and many platforms have introduced features that further optimise its usage. 73% of social marketers used video content in 2016.

4. The communication benefit

Our final benefit of video marketing is simple: effective explanation. The vast majority of people identify as visual learners, and over a third are also auditory learners.

So, there is seemingly no better way to capture the attention of a large swathe of the population. People find video easy to consume, as they do not have read anything to understand the product.

In fact, 98% of people have watched a video in order to better understand a product or service. Many businesses have started to include such videos on the homepages of their website, with 83% reporting that these videos are generating positive feedback and conversions.

Even for more complicated concepts, there are video options. Animations can be used to explain aspects that cannot otherwise be captured.

Most of the information transmitted in our brain is visual, so what better way to communicate than visually?


Video is not only here to stay, it may be taking over.