Matt Case / 28th March 2018

A logo for all sizes

It’s been 10 years since responsive design began to revolutionise the internet, and since then it has become the industry standard across the board.

The rapid rise of mobile browsing (and an endless assortment of devices and screen sizes, much to the joy of designers and digital developers alike) has created critical usability issues for traditional websites.

The bravest designers and developers among us began experimenting long ago. People began to come up with various ways to make designs adapt to the user’s device, leading to one-website-fits-all solutions.

This laid the groundwork for what would become known as ‘responsive design’. It is genuinely a shock nowadays to stumble upon a business whose website hasn’t been built to be responsive.

(If you know of any, pass them our details immediately. We can save them from their 1990s way of life!)

However, even with this evolution of the modern website, the idea of altering brand logos to meet the same user demands has largely remained unthinkable.

This has left businesses with wonderfully responsive, multi-device-optimised, fabulous websites, and logos that are either a teeny tiny, or gigantic behemoths, taking up the entire screen.

No logo left behind

Companies have been re-evaluating and refreshing their logos for years. More modern, simplified versions of logos are emerging everywhere, keeping brands current and modern.

The next logical step in meeting today’s demands is to have a logo that is as responsive as the website it sits on.

There is an interesting project called Responsive Logos, conducted by digital and interaction designer, Joe Harrison. It explores the responsive possibilities of some of the biggest brands in the world. You simply drag-resize your web browser window, and watch the magic happen.

The constantly evolving and ever challenging digital world will continue to surprise and revolutionise our world. But we want our brands to stay at the forefront of the industries we work in. So it is imperative we progress, improve and modify. Only then can we continue to flourish.