David McManus / 19th July 2018

Why only authentic influencer marketing will grow your brand

The first influencers arose in the 1900’s when silent film stars started appearing on tobacco cartons. Although we no longer see nicotine advertised in the local newspaper, influencers are still being used in modern day marketing.

Social media has supported individuals in acquiring a large social following without the need for celebrity status. These influencers have built a following that your brand can exploit to reach a large target market.

Why is it important? Why should I care?

Influencer marketing accounted for about $1 billion a year of advertising spend on Instagram alone last year.

Furthermore, research by Accenture found that 53 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34 were loyal to brands that partnered with social influencers, compared with just 8 percent for those over 55.

Clearly, Generation Z trusts recommendations from influencers; it’s up to you to exploit them to your brands advantage.  

How do I achieve successful influencer marketing?

The key to succeeding in influencer marketing is to build a genuine, authentic relationship. Working collaboratively with the influencer not only gives you feedback from your target market but can contribute to activities such as design plans.

This co-innovation and co-creation attitude will lead to a larger investment in the company from the influencer. The purer the relationship the less likely the marketing will feel false, resulting in cleaner and authentic feeling posts.

Without a relationship between the two parties companies will find themselves paying a lump sum in return for a meaningless content. However, if the influencer becomes an invested stakeholder they will be more inclined to cooperate for a smaller price.

Here’s a great quote from Pernod’s chief marketing officer Thibaut Portal. 

“We are not interested in working with big, massive influencers with four or five million followers (when) the week after, the same influencer is going to post a picture of a washing machine”.

What to look out for?

Authentic influencer marketing will benefit your campaign as Instagram and Twitter are working on clearing out false followers. In February, bake-off legend Paul Hollywood was exposed for having purchased Instagram followers, leaving him red faced and shortly deleting his account. Honesty and communication with influencers will ensure that your hard marketing work isn’t being shared to an audience of bots.

 So treat influencers right and they will take your social media marketing to the next level.