28th July 2017

Brand books: cornerstones of a solid brand foundation

Brand books have one major function: establishing a solid brand foundation by explaining how your brand works.

These books are a fantastic way to clearly articulate your brand to clients, customers, staff, and anyone else. They capture the real essence behind your company, from where you’ve been to where you’re heading.

From your story and market, to your personality and identity, all the elements of your brand can be stored in one place.

Your brand identity itself is only a small part of your brand. This is the story of how you arrived at that identity.

It must be remembered, these are not brand guidelines. However, certain aspects like personality, values, and tone-of-voice are essential to creatives working with your brand. So you should include these in any design guides.

A brand book helps bring consistency to how staff communicate your brand. It helps ensure that all promotional channels are aligned. Brand books will also create a foundation for all strategic thinking.

An example of a brand book by Straightedge

Here’s a snapshot of one we created for NOW: Pensions.

They firmly believe the strength of their business depends on the strength of their brand. So, we produced a book brimming with their brand.

NOW: Pensions have been expanding rapidly to tackle the rate of auto-enrolment in company pensions. This sort of rapid expansion can lead to brand consistency and values getting lost.

They wanted new and existing staff to understand their purpose and values as well as possible. Our brand book helped them ensure this.

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