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David McManus / December 11th 2018

#Rebrand2019 – Attract Top Talent

Attracting and retaining the highest quality employees is a critical part of business, especially in niche markets where specific skill sets are in… Read more

David McManus / November 28th 2018

#Rebrand2019 – Increasing revenue

A wide-range of factors cause organisations to consider rebranding. Firstly, business markets are a rapidly changing competitive environment: new brands launch and established… Read more

David McManus / 15th August 2018

The brand banana

Dealing with a crisis can be one of the trickiest aspects of brand management, involving everyone within a business. Due to the fact… Read more

David McManus / 3rd August 2018

He who shouts loudest

Public transport advertising offers the potential to reach out to London’s diverse population of over 8 million, as well as visitors from all… Read more

Using celebrations in marketing
Oli Foster / 27th June 2018

Using celebrations in marketing

In honour of the upcoming pride celebrations, we’ve been thinking about brands who try using celebrations in marketing for themselves and their products…. Read more

Colin Moody / 13th June 2018

Let your brand be different

We’re all guilty of it: striving to be the best, beating our competition at their own game. We know, it sounds counter-intuitive to… Read more