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David McManus / January 3rd 2019

Social media in 2019

2019; the year your business takes off. ‘Social media is now a crucial cog in your marketing wheel, you’ve got a comprehensive strategy… Read more

David McManus / December 11th 2018

#Rebrand2019 – Attract top talent

Attracting and retaining the highest quality employees is a critical part of business, especially in niche markets where specific skill sets are in… Read more

David McManus / November 28th 2018

#Rebrand2019 – Increasing revenue

A wide-range of factors cause organisations to consider rebranding. Firstly, business markets are a rapidly changing competitive environment: new brands launch and established… Read more

David McManus / November 7th 2018

AI in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, is quickly becoming an increasingly integral part of many industries, including marketing. The rise in AI-powered systems… Read more

David McManus / October 23rd 2018

Do influencers really influence?

A recent study by The Drum and Buzzoole discussed the current state of affairs of influencer marketing, the report highlights the issues and… Read more

David McManus / October 9th 2018

Data-driven design

Welcome to the second part of our series on how technology is evolving graphic design. This week we discuss how graphic designers can… Read more