11th August 2017

As cost per click for search advertising reaches an all time high, is it time to think about social?

Well, quite simply, you should already have been thinking about social, regardless of the rising cost per click for search advertising. For anyone truly dedicated to their online marketing, paid social advertising is a crucial, yet often undervalued area.

The sums currently being spent on different types of digital advertising are vastly different. Search advertising is given preference by most, but when you consider the amount of time consumers spend on social channels, rather than search engines and results, it becomes clear that social advertising is only seeing half of the attention it should be due.

Advertising on social media also offers some very attractive advantages in terms of targeting, exposure and sheer scale. These can all build up to great ROI.

Castrol, for example, recently starting using paid social and have reported an engagement boost of 1100% as well as over 31,000 new followers.

cost per click of search advertising

The changing cost per click for search advertising, via econsultancy.com

Where to start?

Your best bets for yielding good results are the most obvious platforms. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn aren’t just useful because they’re the biggest platforms. They also have established advertising programs and mechanisms, which help to make them a great place to start engaging more with an audience that you may already have, or are in the process of building.

Instagram, too, is becoming more crucial to an increasing range of brands. This Facebook-owned platform has high engagement levels due to its solid and reliable user experience. In fact, Instagram has seen 23% growth in users in the last 6 months and, luckily for you, has advertising mechanisms similar to Facebook’s built right in.

However, it is important to not allow yourself to become blind to the potential of smaller networks. While the “core” networks are vital, there are plenty of smaller or newer networks around. These often have very impressive and consistent numbers due to their sense of community or innovation. Sometimes those factors make them specifically appealing to your clients and customers. It is important to do your research and find out the most effective place to spend your hard-fought media budget.

A final note about content:

Producing content is the driving force behind your organic growth and promotion. This organic content is crucially linked to your paid advertising, whether it be search or social.

If you aren’t producing content, you won’t have anything to promote with advertising. Equally, if you aren’t using paid social media, your organic content efforts may not be living up to their potential.

So take the time to consider diverting some of your attention to paid social advertising. Your ROI will thank you.