Matt Case / 3rd November 2017

DDIY: don’t do it yourself

Websites have many faces, from a chic brochure site, to a dynamic and functional eCommerce platform. Yet even with global business being inextricably linked to the digital realm, there are still misunderstandings of the benefits of bespoke website design.

Spoiler alert: bespoke design means something unique, this has a very different price tag to something a thousand others will have.

Most, if not all, companies in the world today will have a website presence. And thanks to the unwelcome emergence of template-driven, build-your-own tools, websites are looking more and more alike.

If you are relatively IT savvy, you will be aware of these DIY website services. With an ever-growing range of downloadable, semi-editable (read: very limited) themes, it’s the cheap and easy option.

But allow us to give you three very good reasons why working with a design team to create a bespoke website is worth every single penny.

1:  Bespoke means much more than just design, it means considered functionality too

A bespoke website is an investment of both your time and money, but using an agency will help streamline your business objectives.

Whether it’s to generate new leads, inform existing customers, inspire potential target markets, or simply facilitate your services, working with a professional team (who, by the way, do this every day), will help focus your goals.

Each of the above goals requires separate functionality. This can range from fabulous image galleries to slick, interactive product reveals and beyond. Rather than being restricted by the one-size fits all package that you get from a DIY tool, the bespoke approach allows you to have exactly what you want – and, more importantly, what you think looks best for your company.

2:  Futureproofing is more crucial than ever

A website build is an ever evolving beast. It changes as the technology does. So, it needs to be maintained.

But often, people neglect websites for long periods of time. Eventually many have to be completely scrapped because they become outdated and no longer function correctly.

Your website is your company’s shop front. Would you go into a shop if the clothes were scattered all over the floor and the windows smashed? Okay, maybe smashed windows are a little far, but you get the point.

If a potential customer checks your company out, often their first point of call is your website. When they find that it’s a mess and doesn’t work correctly, it’s highly likely that they will go elsewhere.

A bespoke website, like those built by high quality agencies, will stand the test of time. Agency developers are usually ahead of the game because they live and breath website coding. This means the site will be easier to maintain and bolt extra functionalities into. Plus, its design will stay fresh for much longer.


3:  SEO is directly affected by your website’s quality

If you are serious about vamping up your company’s internet presence and getting noticed more (aka climbing the Google list), then you hopefully understand the importance of your website’s SEO.

But many don’t realise that the quality of the website’s coding makes a real difference.

With the same DIY template as a thousand other companies, do you think this replicated code will benefit your SEO?

We hear the story many times over. A brand new website launches without any attention given to how it may perform.

The client then sees redirection issues, broken links, confusing URLs, slow load speeds, missing heading tags, and even the dreaded ‘error 404 page’.

All of these bugs and faults will impact your SEO drastically. You may even end up on page 3 or later in Google’s search results. And we all know that even page 2 is a push, you only use it when you’re really exploring a topic.

A full-service agency will plan, test, and even insist on spending time looking at your site’s SEO. And all this long before before launching your new site to the world, saving you from a loss of potential revenue.


All in all, bespoke is best.

We know that investing in a bespoke website may look expensive at first. But we can all but guarantee you that it will have a much better return on investment than a DIY project from the same template as countless others.