Oli Foster / 11th May 2018

Does Instagram matter to my business?

“Does Instagram matter to my business?” We hear this a lot.

Welcome to the fourth part of our series on social media platform selection.

Now, not everyone can be Selena Gomez or Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to Instagram, but maintaining a good presence on the platform can be useful to a lot of businesses.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to put forward a more creative representation of your brand, through your aesthetic and tone of voice.

It also presents the most opportunities to use tags inconspicuously and effectively. And since it’s now owned by Facebook, the targeting and placement of paid ads can be extremely effective.

A few quick statistics

Instagram’s audience is made up of:

  • 300 million global users
  • 106 million just in the USA
  • 90% of UK users are under 35
  • 50/50 gender split
  • Women 38% more likely to use regularly
  • Large proportion live in urban areas
  • 51% use daily
  • 35% check their feeds several times a day

Instagram has, in general, a young and urban audience. But its reach does extend beyond that, with new users signing up at a faster pace than any other social network.

The platform also has a huge loyalty pull, in that users check it more often than other platforms. This is especially true since the introduction of Stories, which are temporary posts that last only 24 hours but have around 100 million daily active viewers.

Posting tips

Users expect aesthetic consistency and captions that resonate with your brand voice. If your profile is messy or doesn’t captivate your target audience, you will be lacking the effectiveness you seek.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to really publicise special offers or exclusive codes. You can use posts or stories, and collaborations will expand this reach even further. Influencer marketing is a rapidly growing field, and many social marketers are claiming it is the next major phase of advertising.

Another key aspect of Instagram is the tagging. Unlike other platforms, Instagram openly recommends hashtags that users can follow as if they are profiles, and shows posts from tags that are linked to interests and activity.

But most importantly

Posting to Instagram obviously requires a decent amount of imagery. In order to use the platform efficiently, you must have access to or the ability to create visual content. But it is one thing to have this imagery, it is quite another to curate an Instagram feed.

This is a platform with a real sense of community. For almost every interest, there is an Instagram-specific community tag. Bakers of Instagram, engineers of Instagram, and everything in between.

It is not as simple as posting a picture and leaving it, but if used correctly it can make an enormous difference to how people see your brand.

Social marketing is perfectly poised to expand your networks and generate real leads, but only when used with thought.