Colin Moody / 9th February 2018

Evolve your brand into something beautiful

Get some confidence back in your brand.

A brand refresh isn’t just about updating your logo or tweaking your website because you feel like a change. It should deliver significant commercial benefits, breathing new life into your business or product.

However, it has to be done with a strategic focus on your business objectives. Only then can you have true confidence in your brand.

A common misconception about branding is that it’s just about the logo or identity. In fact, a logo or identity is just a small part of the overall branding of your business or product.

It is true that the logo is often the touchpoint of your brand. It’s on your brand’s front line, it’s your public face. But the rest is just as key, and needs to be representative of who you are, even as you develop.

Refreshing rebrands

A rebrand might be appropriate if you’re launching new products or services, trying to reach new audiences, or aiming to increase your visibility with your current audience. It could be a slight evolution or it could be a revolution; but it will make a difference to align your brand to your goals.

But don’t wait for a major event to reevaluate the suitability of your brand. It is crucial for every brand to be regularly evaluated, to make sure they remain relevant and effective.

We’re constantly creating new brands or evolving existing brands. Our guiding design principle is to keep it simple to help make it more memorable.

So, we thought it would be fun to share some old favourites of ours, to compare them with some of our latest projects.

Globe Business Media Group

globe business media group logo old new

As a leading provider of business intelligence for the legal and intellectual property markets, Globe needed to refresh their brand to reflect a more modern, confident business with state-of-the-art product offerings.

Nantucket Group

nantucket developments logo old new

Nantucket’s brand came from the New England beach front location’s and architecture. They offered something different to the glut of faux Georgian, new build luxury homes spreading across the UK. To appeal to a sophisticated UK audience they needed a cleaner, more premium-looking brand.


ciht chartered institute of highways and transportation logo old new

We’ve been helping CIHT a lot with synergising their brand and messaging with their audience. Armed with lots of research, giving them a simpler, more memorable and progressive identity was the easy bit.


twin design logo old new

A modern furniture design company with some memorable products and most importantly, run by two brothers. We enhanced their brand to reflect their more contemporary furniture and thinking, while updating their tone of voice to reflect their very personable approach to business.


rjp accountant logo old new

As an established South London- and Surrey-based accountancy practice, RJP needed to refine their brand messaging and simplify their identity to reflect their proactive and very honest approach.


intercede logo old new

Intercede provide solutions for cybersecurity issues around the globe. Their identity was already fairly simple, but needed a little modernisation. We also helped with narrowing down their proposition. One of our older identities, it has truly stood the test of time.

Bircroft Private

bircroft private limited logo old new

Bircroft is one of our most recent projects. We’ve conducted client interviews and brand workshops, truly revolutionising their brand to reflect a more modern, strategic-thinking company. Keep an eye on our website for further developments.

If your business objectives have changed and you want to feel confident about going to market, get in touch and we can talk you through how a rebrand can help.