Oli Foster / 24th November 2017

Does Facebook matter to my business?

“Does Facebook matter to my business?” We hear this a lot.

With an increasing number of businesses beginning to use social media to promote themselves, some people are quick to dive in and put their company on every platform they can find.

However, we are here to tell you to STOP!

Social media marketing is, at the end of the day, still marketing. As such, it needs to be planned and tailored in order to be effective. This involves a lot of considerations and work, but right now we are focussing on one crucial element: platform selection.

A few quick statistics:

Facebook’s audience is made up of:

  • 1.65 billion monthly users
  • 31 million in the UK alone
  • 2.5 million aged 13-17, 8 million aged 25-34
  • 84% of all UK adults
  • 60% of the UK population
  • 49% male users, 51% female
  • 76% of users visit the site daily

Facebook certainly has the widest range of demographics, but it also has more users than any other platform. You have to be able to target your audience effectively, especially for paid promotions. It also has more company and business pages than any other network, which means you have to be able to produce regular, quality content in order to stand out.

Posting tips

If you do decide that Facebook is for you, it is important that you post regular and varied content. 2 million businesses use Facebook for advertising. We would say that this is a platform suitable to the majority of businesses, and almost all companies with content or updates to post.

Facebook supports so many types of content and integrated apps, so you can tailor your use to your needs far more than anywhere else.

Since the launch of LIVE on the platform, Facebook has become used more and more for video consumption. 100 million hours of video content is watched daily on the site, a 700% rise.

Text-based posts will encourage people to engage and learn. Images are a quick attention grab and say a thousand words.

But most importantly,

Using Facebook for your social media marketing is not as simple as posting whatever comes to mind.

Your posts must fit naturally into news feeds, capturing the attention of those who see them without making them wonder what the relevance of your brand to them is.

And, as with all social marketing, posting on Facebook should not be solely about selling product. You have to connect to the audience on a personal level, make them identify with and support your brand.

Social marketing is perfectly poised to generate loyal, repeat customers, but only when used with thought.