2nd June 2017

Holistic medicine, brand identity and business cards

Recently, a new client approached our team with an unexpected specialism: holistic medicine and treatments. This is characterised by treatment of the whole person, incorporating social and mental health factors into assessments alongside physical symptoms. The Eijkman Centre aims to better people’s health through more natural and comprehensive methods.

Our work so far

We worked with Eijkman to create a brand identity for the company. They needed something that incorporated trust and professionalism and would be a standout in this emerging field. After several long days working on this project, as well as some long evenings, we came to the conclusion that the best way to represent a holistic medicine brand would be with a visual interpretation of the human form.

We then set about tackling the next stage of our collaboration with the Eijkman Centre.  This included creating a business card that would be used to cement new professional and client relationships. The target audience was the medical community. This made it imperative that the design be representative of a capable and trustworthy product.

Following on from this work, we will be continuing to work with this excellent new client. Our next step will be to create the first Eijkman Centre website design. Stay tuned for upcoming news on this partnership!