Colin Moody / 13th June 2018

Let your brand be different

We’re all guilty of it: striving to be the best, beating our competition at their own game.

We know, it sounds counter-intuitive to call this a bad thing. But we are here to tell you that you shouldn’t be aiming to be better than the others.

Instead, you should be looking to be different.

Now, obviously, there are differences between your brand and theirs. Otherwise, you’d be the same company.

However, we have found that companies are too often focused on growing beyond the competition, rather than growing away from them.

Growing apart: not so bad in business

Your niche is a key aspect to starting and running a business. Your brand must satisfy a particular need, identify a gap in the market and fill it.

Plenty of people do just this, but then try to steer clear of becoming too niche when growing or expanding, for fear of alienating potential customers.

But if you focus on your particular appeal, rather than trying to grow in the same direction as your nearest competitors, you will find that you can much more easily be seen as better than their offering, simply by being better at what you do differently.

The difference that different makes

Once you have achieved being better, you’ll be able to watch your brand adapt and grow towards something that is not only truly unique, but also appreciated for what it does differently.

The more people appreciate this difference, the more they will respond to your brand. This means that they’ll keep coming back to you, pushing up your sales and engagement.

Being different makes a difference. Simply being better narrows your journey, when you should be pushing in your own direction.