David McManus / December 11th 2018

#Rebrand2019 – Attract top talent

Attracting and retaining the highest quality employees is a critical part of business, especially in niche markets where specific skill sets are in high demand. With organisations competing for elite talent, we explain how and why a rebrand can be so important in the recruitment process.

“It’s not just recruiters who talk the best talent into joining, it’s your brand too.”

Brand message

Creating an authentic message and tone of voice for your brand lets candidates know exactly what to expect as an employee. What’s important for companies is to make sure the brand voice is consistent at every touch point by aligning the messaging through all video content, advertising, assessment platforms and most importantly, the website.

It’s important to remember that if the applicants do not have a powerful connection to the products and services of the business, then they are likely to undermine your expectations. The reason for this could either be a lack of belief in the brand, or they do not fully understand the business. At this stage in recruitment, it is of vital importance that applicants are sold on the brands purpose, identity and messaging. In order to enhance employee performance and satisfaction, make sure your candidates know why they wake up everyday and go on with their day-to-day activities.

A clear message and identity not only focuses potential employees, but also ensures the whole team are working towards the same objective.

“In order for employees to take an active role in the business, they must take a personal interest in the brand.”

Once employees care and believe in the brand, they are driven to work harder and increase loyal to the company. This impacts how they present themselves in the marketplace. People are more likely to trust a company based on what its employees have to say, hence the rise in sites such as Glassdoor and JobAdvisor.

Brand perception

The employee review sites mentioned are a source of valuable feedback to address elements of your employee value proposition. As 70% of people look at these reviews before making career decisions (Glassdoor research), the brand perception must be understood before the recruitment process begins. Keeping employees happy 100% of the time is nearly impossible, but do look out for pain points that could discourage top talent from applying for future roles. Something as little as adverse word of mouth can create a negative brand perception and in turn, stunt business growth.

Brand story

The brand story is what informs prospects of what kind of company you are. It’s important that organisations clearly convey the best aspects of the company via a cohesive brand narrative. This communicates what your company stands for, and why top talent should join you.

Everything your brand says, does, and looks like, is what shapes your brand story. From significant areas such as website design to less significant areas such as using emojis in your emails, each brands action contributes to the overall brand story. The elite talent will almost certainly visit a website before attending the interview. Therefore, it’s essential that the website (about us, meet the team, mission statement) clearly displays the brands story.


The best talent wants to work with the best brands. If you’re unable to recruit quality personnel for open positions, it might be because your brand seems mediocre to qualified candidates. If you suspect your brand is preventing you from attracting top talent, reviewing your brand message, perception and story will allow your brand to sell itself to the highest level of employees.