Ed Lodge / 4th May 2018

Sharing is caring: team building activities for everyone

We’ve had some great office nights out in the last couple of years. Getting together for team building outside of the office can really help us understand each other a bit better.

We’ve played underground mini-golf, electro-darts, and been out for nice meals and comedy evenings. Unfortunately, the boss does seem to keep winning at the sporting activities – but not for lack of trying on our part! Hopefully someone can beat him at bowling this week. In a small team, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that these sorts of events are important; but we’ve definitely found that it’s worth it.

Play together, stay together

Mooted for the next event is something a little closer to my heart, though. A trip to the Tate Britain to share my love for sculpture. This was my degree, and my route into the creative industry.

Tate logo gif

The real motivation behind this particular trip isn’t just my personal desire to visit (even though it has been a while since I got a chance to go), but an extension of our skill-sharing efforts within the office.

Sharing knowledge between team members will make us a better team, and help us get better at our jobs. When we share our expertise and perspectives, we’re better at seeing the big picture and delivering work for our clients.

We aim to deliver cohesive and holistic solutions in our work, so why not extend this mindset to our team-building trips?

Our tip to finding the best activities to bond and strengthen your team is to start by thinking of the creative things that drive you in your personal life, or shaped your education and early years.

Sharing this enthusiasm and knowledge from outside of work will make you understand each other better. And hey, you might even find a shared love of Jake and Dino Chapman, climbing, or photography.

So take a trip! Our current to-do list includes:

  • The National History Museum, because everybody loves a dinosaur (or giant squid!)
  • Kayak or surf lessons, or any accessible water sport
  • Visit your local climbing wall
  • Sample the musical tastes of your colleagues by going to some concerts together

Go on, we dare you!