Matt Case / 1st December 2017

Slogans: the logo’s real best friend

Branding is a minefield – when creating one, we have to take into consideration who we may offend, how we may be perceived, and if people even get it. And that’s without taking into consideration that need to form a brand that showcases a company’s values and aspirations.

All in all, it’s a tricky task to create an effective, long standing, and highly successful brand in any industry.

However, all can be saved with a very clever little asset you may have heard of: ‘the slogan’.

Making slogans work for you

Slogans come in many witty forms. Take the modest, yet globally successful ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ Carlsberg campaign:

Carlsberg probably the best beer in the world

via Carlsberg

Since it was originally used back in the 70’s, this slogan has turned the world of branding on its head. The clever and unassuming innocence of the campaign gained 40 years of traction and engagement for Carlsberg. To this day, there aren’t many out there who aren’t aware of the slogan.

Another captivating style of slogan is the funny yet factual approach. This has been most successfully adopted by the wonderful ‘Red Bull Gives You Wiiiings’ campaign:

red bull gives you wings

via Red Bull

The slogan, besides being funny, catchy, and somewhat ridiculous, also expresses precisely what the product does. It gives the drinker enough energy to feel like they could fly.

The slogan chameleon can also take the form of apparent honesty and innocence – with a dash of ambiguity.

The John Lewis slogan is one of such breed. With its blameless slogan ‘Never knowingly undersold since 1925’ the brand gives the impression of both integrity and value. It points to good deals on quality items, and also to its aim of living up to the praise it receives.

john lewis never knowingly undersold

via John Lewis

Brand logos and their BFF slogans truly add another dimension of creative intelligence to a brand’s message. Sometimes the slogan can go consciously unnoticed by the audience it aims to appeal to. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t silently working their magic on you.

Plus, it leaves the little surprise of wonderment to those of us who do notice its existence.