Oli Foster / 16th May 2017

Social marketing: be distinctive, stay consistent, keep evolving

The saturated marketplace is a friend to nobody. Consumers are not just spoilt for choice, they’re overloaded with options; thus finding themselves painstakingly searching for the minuscule differences between so many similar brands. The brands themselves, as we at Straightedge know, are therefore endlessly searching for some way of making their differences shine. They are often struggling to balance this constant cycle of change with a consistent message their audience will recognise.

A successful brand must be distinctive. This much is universally known. However, in today’s marketplaces and with the rise of social media and other non-traditional publicity, the drive to stand out can lead some brands to lose themselves.

We think there are two things all successful brands need to be: consistent and evolving. We recognise that this is not the most logical pairing, nor is it particularly easy to master or sustain. Luckily, there are a few easy approaches you can adopt to give yourself a head start.

How social marketing helps:

1. Real Communication

An increasingly social world means brands are far more exposed to how they are being perceived by their audiences. While internet comments are obviously not always a pleasure to read, somewhere in the midst of the bots and trolls are real people with genuine comments or concerns. Communicate with these people and they will feel instantly more connected to your brand.
Consistency in customer service
Evolution of approach

2. Regular Updates

24h news cycles and a social-media-obsessed world mean it’s easy for your weekly tweet to get lost in the fray. That’s why it’s crucial to be frequently active and updating all your platforms, so your audience doesn’t miss your output and you don’t go unheard. This way, you’ll be more connected to what’s going on in your sphere, and thus able to stay relevant and aware of new trends and social attitude shifts.
Consistency in communication
Evolution of message

3. Recognisable Personality

Spreading your message across multiple platforms is crucial, but can be tricky and ineffective if you don’t adapt your content for each platform. Your brand voice has to shine through, so that people recognise and connect with you, but audiences behave differently on different platforms. But many people do not realise that strictly ‘staying on brand’ can be restrictive and confining to a tone of voice, or that the best brand messages are crafted for each platform from core personalities, not copied and pasted.
Consistency in brand voice
Evolution of adaptiveness

So, incorporate these crucial elements into your social marketing to ensure your brand stays distinctive in a saturated marketplace, through a delicate balance of consistency and evolution.


Image via cheapasprints.com