Colin Moody / 22nd December 2017

Start-up branding: invest in your brand for your future

Start-up branding may not be your first priority, but every company should work on their brand. In fact, it’s even more crucial for start-ups to tackle it at the beginning of their journey.

Entrepreneurs can get so immersed in perfecting their businesses, they forget their success will be reliant on resonating with other humans.

To help them succeed and to smooth their journey, they need branding. They need to define, and clearly articulate, their vision, proposition, values and brand messaging.

Don’t forget that a logo is a very small part of a brand. The brand identity can be finalised a little later but, as a start-up, they need to be at their persuasive best for many reasons.

It’s not just creating a meaningful brand to persuade potential investors to fund and partners to collaborate. It also helps attract new and like-minded talent. Armed with brand values, you can use them to drive future business decisions, create new products or services and define a culture that others are happy to share in.

Working on start-up branding

We’re helping a number of start-ups invest in their future by delivering a clearer brand. First, we really get to know them – constantly asking ‘Why? Why? Why?’ like a Dragon from the Den. That’s how we create a bulletproof idea – it has to be a collaborative process.

Once we have a thorough understanding of their business, we set about creating the solid foundations of their brand on all the research and insight they’ve uncovered. This makes it easy to build upon and all their audiences to buy in to their unique story.

Finally, every brand should constantly evolve – moving with the markets. Start-ups need to protect their future and stay relevant by constantly investing in evaluating their brand.