15th December 2017

Take a positive stance on GDPR

We all know by now that we have to take this seriously (seriously!). But this doesn’t mean you have to be upset about it. In fact, we think you should take a positive stance on GDPR.

We would say that this is a great opportunity to clean up your act and focus on what you need. It will also allow you to concentrate efforts on the core elements of your communications and business strategy.

Now, this article is very much not legal advice, and you should not see it as such.

However, the core elements we’re focussing on, when looking at the data we’re asking for, are:

  1. What we would like to know
  2. Why it’s reasonable to ask for it
  3. What we’re going to do with it

This approach will naturally focus you on the relevant data at each stage of your processes.

Some of the questions we’re asking ourselves, and will shortly be asking customers, in regards to legacy data are complicated and need a careful approach. This will ensure we can offer similar levels of service. Customers will be able to choose not to opt in to data we currently hold.

But these are questions that we must ask, not be afraid of.

We should be entering an era of concentrated, tidy, relevant and consented data that our clients and customers want us to have!

Why this will be of benefit to everybody (with a marketing focus):

  • Our business and communications will be more effective
  • Our clients and customers will trust that we’re being responsible with their data
  • Consumers’ time will be better spent by only receiving relevant communications
  • Company time will better spent creating only relevant communications

In summary; take this opportunity to review your business and your customers, and do it in a positive light.

“What can we do to improve the way we interact with our customers?”, “What do our customers want?”, these questions will improve your business.