Oli Foster / 27th June 2018

Using celebrations in marketing

In honour of the upcoming pride celebrations, we’ve been thinking about brands who try using celebrations in marketing for themselves and their products.

Using holidays and celebrations can be a great way to engage your audience. It can make you seem more current and up-to-date, and even align your values with a specific cause or group.

But there are some brands who don’t quite get the hang of it. We’ve all seen them, those campaigns that look more bandwagon than backing a movement. Brands releasing special edition products and using the profits to support opposing or irrelevant causes.

Steer well clear of these brands, or at least offer them some advice on how to match their values to their actions.

We get it, straddling the line between blatant marketing ploy and creative embracing of a celebration can be difficult. So we’re here to put it simply.

Marketing for celebrations


  • Back up your marketing with real actions – especially for cause-based celebrations.
  • Find celebrations that are relevant to your brand.
  • Mix serious and fun celebrations, to widen your reach and expand your voice.
  • Make up your own if you can’t find one that’s right for you. This will really show off your creativity.
  • Let your creativity loose! Try to do something different, something perfectly aligned to your brand.
  • Use social media to connect with others celebrating the same thing and boost engagement.


  • Cheapen or demean holidays or celebrations – this should go without saying, but we’ve all seen the rule broken.
  • Make an empty gesture or act in opposition to your message.
  • Try to capitalise on serious movements. Support doesn’t have to be promotional.
  • Take more fun days too seriously.
  • Hop onto a trend without adding your own brand flair – copycats not wanted!

If you succeed in using celebrations in marketing, you can really connect with a lot of people. Whether it’s Pride or National Doughnut Day, just get your messaging right and you’ll really have something to celebrate.