Colin Moody / 6th October 2017

Why invest in real branding?

Real brand investment, or investment in real branding, is more than just designing a logo.

Have you been wrangling over a business decision recently? Are you struggling to attract the right customers or failing to recruit the right people?

Your brand is an essential part of your business. But what many don’t realise is that your logo is just a very small part of that brand.

So what is ‘real branding’?

The real essence of branding is  building relationships, defining what customers and future recruits think of your company. If you’re not guiding them seamlessly through your touch points, they have to make their own minds up.

So what is it that makes you stand out? What gives customers and recruits a reason to choose you over the competition? 

In order to build trust, and be both relevant and distinctive, you need a solid foundation. This foundation comes from having a purpose, defining your values, nailing your proposition and refining your messaging.

If you can get this right, previously tricky decisions will come easily and everyone, including suppliers, partners and friends, can confidently talk about your business. This, in turn, makes it easy for customers and recruits alike to make a decision.

You don’t need to be a global business to do this: every company can benefit. Obviously, a well-designed identity will help to communicate your brand, but try and invest more in the Big Picture. It pays off more than a shiny new logo.