Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation

Website overhaul for an improved UX experience

Our client CIHT needed to completely overhaul their website and develop a higher level of service for their members. Straightedge came in to research and design the entire project and oversee the front end development of the website build.

Starting with stakeholder and user workshops and questionnaires, we helped CIHT create a better picture of what functionality will most improve the UX of the website for all audiences; from internal to members and prospects. Our design process uses an intuitive level of design from years of experience, backed up by testing and research to prove the efficiency of the solutions.

Our UX work is making member interactions more efficient and user friendly and the new design brings the brand identity to life. Altogether making journeys better for CIHT and their members.

The first phase of development has been launched and we’re looking forward to getting involved in further optimisation.