Straightedge give CIHT a story to tell with #journeys campaign.

CIHT supports transport professionals, and the industry as a whole, raising their voice in the national debate; furthering their knowledge and strengthening the networks that exist amongst them.

CIHT launched an ambitious member recruitment drive, and asked us to develop the campaign concept and deliver across multiple channels. Our recommendation was to make Members ambassadors of the benefits of CIHT membership. We devised a campaign with its feet firmly in social media encouraging members to ‘share their stories’ of how their careers have gone further with the help of CIHT. #journeys launched with five feature stories from across the industry, representing senior Fellows to ‘second jobbers’. The Multichannel campaign launched across Member Get Member, events and social media.

Launched in the third week of June, the response from the members’ community has been very positive. Even before the launch had taken place members were coming forward to share their stories and senior board members were keen to present their #journeys as part of their event presentations.

We all make journeys every day. CIHT will be looking at how we can make the journey better for the customers on our transport networks. We need to make the journey better, safer, healthier, more integrated and more reliable.”

David Gibby
President, CIHT

The campaign will run through the year, integrating with the busy highways and transport event schedule.