The Dog Treat Company branding

Growing a global luxury brand from the ground up

The Dog Treat Company is a family-owned luxury dog treats brand, with a passion for changing the industry for good. Raising the bar to unseen new heights, the products they produce are nutritionally-balanced, human-grade in quality, and jam packed with integrity. With an ambition to bring best-in-class, small-batch thinking in a product category that, historically, has been found wanting, the team are now at the forefront of the boutique treats market.

The team here at Straightedge have been working closely with The Dog Treat Company from day one, when the beginnings of the product emerged from within the client’s own kitchen. Since then we have evolved the brand, assisting in elevating the product to a global status, and distributing to new countries, including South Korea, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and Malta, and soon the USA and Russia. All this on top of achieving many national retail contracts, meaning their products are now placed within domestic companies including Fortnum & Mason, Ocado, Pets Corner and Fetch.

Over the years we have designed and evolved the original product ranges, with our work being applied to a variety of packaging such as tins, pouches and mailer boxes. Along with expanding the original range, we have also expanded the brand into limited edition products for seasonal / annual events, with slogans such as; Happy Treatster, Paw-ever Yours, Santa Paws, and many more.

We are excited to continue to work with this growing global luxury brand.

Straightedge is a rare find… they are not only super creative and immensely flexible, but they understand the commercial realities of a small business fighting in a highly competitive sector. As with most start-ups, we are the jack of all trades but sadly, master of none – fortunately our agency, Straightedge, understand fully our budget constraints, deadlines and even our growing pains… a rare find indeed! A large part of our business is design-led, so, whether it’s a presentation to a new client, a packaging project, or an e-commerce solution, it’s important for us that the Straightedge team are big enough to handle everything we need, but also that they maintain a close and personal service. In short, we can’t recommend them enough.

Joe Halliwell, Founding Director


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