BEIS – Event Literature

Informative tabletop literature for the attendees of an internal event

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is a government department, which was created by Theresa May following her appointment as Prime Minister. The department was created as a result of a merger between the Department of Energy and Climate Change and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills – and whose primary focus is the strategy and implementation of government backed global projects.

The organisation recently held an internal company event with the purpose of expressing to the staff, company wide, all of the important global projects the department is investing in to help societies, and to improve environments across the planet.

We were commissioned by Pukka Films to support the film work they were doing with BEIS – we took the information provided, and created a series of postcard sized flyers that were placed on the guest tables of the event. Each flyer needed to clearly express to the reader the individual projects being embarked on, as well as the detailed statical information to support the UK governments involvement in the schemes.

We also created a large series of tabletop cards, who sole purpose was to elevate the core values and principles that make up the BEIS. It was our design decision to push the boundaries with the card designs and, basing our colour choice firmly on the brand palettes available to us, we created a series of bright, vibrant and attention grabbing cards that would stand out on the tables they were placed on.