Hermes Fund Managers – Investment Conference

Building reputation and leadership position.

Straightedge partnered with leading fund manager Hermes as both creative and delivery experts, in order to create their key Investment Conference 2013.

very ‘a la mode’ and takes your business brand image away from the traditional ‘stuffy’ or plain and simple ‘OTT’ City-types format”

Cicero Consulting

We articulated the conference theme ‘expanding your investment prism’ into a set of scalable and movable visual assets which we applied to animations, projections, stage sets and the delegate iPad App.

Working with the award-winning building Kings Place, London we delivered numerous conference room staging designs, including a bespoke 3-D surface set. We also created an introductory film spanning the history of Hermes and presenting key background and information regarding the conference.

A live projection wall was created to allow up-to-the-minute notices and calls to sessions. Interactive iPad apps were created to guide delegates through the agenda; with the facility to ask a question, take notes and collect presentations into a basket for future reference.

414 people attended of which 230 represented prospects worth >£370billion. The event attracted £117,000 PR value from press including The Economist, Wall Street Journal, BBC and Bloomberg.

I was very impressed, myself, with the conference, which has stepped up a league from even a couple of years ago.”

Aon Hewitt