K7L Cosmetics

K7L approached Straightedge to create an fresh identity that unveils the A-Class quality of the brand

K7L is a beauty company who have an intimate and historical relationship with the definition of beauty, as well as a decade of detailed market research into the industry under their belt. The company’s values centre around not only their brand’s appeal, but on their firm belief in the high quality of all their products

This client came to straightedge with a brief based on creating a fresh identity that emphasised the Grade A quality of the brand and that appealed to the high-end, luxury target market.

The immediate challenge we faced was creating a standout style within a highly saturated market. Having been given access to a library of high-quality model and product shots, our approach was ultimately based on visual symmetry and intriguing abstracts. This stylisation coupled with bold, yet elegant, typography created a distinctive style that we applied across various design solutions.