Mazars UK

Gender Pay Gap report design

Mazars is one of Europe’s largest audit and accounting firms, and is a top ten UK market player. Working with a broad range of clients, from SMEs to global players, and from start-ups to public organisations, Mazars is a leader within the field.

With new governmental regulations requiring firms of over 250 employees to analyse and publish the pay gap between genders, it was of the utmost importance for Mazars to compile and communicate their position on this issue.

It was Straightedge’s task to take the detailed data and content, provided by the Mazars team, and create a report that was clear, concise and visually engaging. Of course, this all had to be done while adhering to the Mazars brand guidelines.

The mindset we adopted when designing the report was that clarity was most crucial. The content had to be clear for the audience to understand; the challenge was then to be creative within this constraint.

The final report has now been published by Mazars, and can be read here: Mazars Gender Pay Gap Report 2017