Rational FX – partnership marketing

Clearly and simply articulating a new service

Rational FX have developed an award winning, improved and cheaper way for people and businesses to transfer money overseas – instead of going through a bank.

They came to us to help shape their partnership offering, which tailors their IT platform for internal or external business use, for any company that makes international payments. Generating new revenue streams for their clients, whilst their clients can maintain focus on their core business.

We helped them with design and copywriting to produce a brochure and landing page for their new business teams. Enabling them to reach out to new and existing clients and easily articulate what they offer differently in a highly competitive market place.

The project required a lot of research of their competitors and a thorough investigation of Rational FX’s own capabilities – ensuring we were working with facts and not assumptions.

As always we’ll be keeping a close eye on how our work performs.

Just let us know if you need help with defining and then marketing your products or services.