Royal Academy of Engineering

Promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion in an engineering workforce

The Royal Academy of Engineering (the Academy) aims to increase diversity and inclusion across engineering by creating opportunities for employers to drive strategy and engage in activities that not only attract the next generation of engineers, but also support development and retention.

It has been proven that greater diversity leads to increased innovation and creativity, and new research shows strong correlation with a companies financial performance.

Extending the focus of their diversity and inclusion activity beyond gender, the Academy hopes this could be one way to address the engineering skills shortage – the need to find 1.8 million more engineers by 2020.

We helped the Academy create a very useful case study toolkit to help their cause. The toolkit was 166 pages in length and required serious consideration of how to make it engaging and easy to navigate.

Along the way, we managed to encourage all the companies submitting case studies to invest in quality imagery to help illustrate the scale and human success of their achievements.

This led to creating a considerably sized library of assets for future use by the Academy and all its beneficiaries.


engineers required by 2020
pages in length