Tex Ann Web Design

Elevating, modernising and future-proofing a well established brand

Tex Ann was founded in 1987 in San Antonio, Texas. The companies founder loved the way locals cooked on their decks each evening, on a mesquite charcoal bbq – providing fresh, healthy and great tasting food to their families.

The challenge was to retain the history of the brand, but to modernise its appeal within a highly competitive and fast-moving industry. Our aim was to expand Tex Ann’s ownership of its brand. We achieved this partly by creating witty, yet descriptive, marketing messages for all of Tex Ann’s food offerings.

Utilising the brand palette, we furthered this new identity with dynamic supporting graphics, giving a sense of a forward-moving and evolving company.

Once we had formed the new identity for the brand, we set about rolling out the design across a number of applications, including; website design and build, menu design, in-store screens, and promotional posters. It was imperative to maintain consistent branding throughout the company, in order to build customer confidence and loyalty.


The team at straightedge were great in giving us direction on the content, as well as a great design that can mix it with the ‘big boys’. I look forward to working with them again.

Mohamed Poonawala, Director