MrQuintessentials’ new range promotion

Social media launch campaign

MrQuintessential is a luxury British menswear brand, founded to cater for the distinguished gentleman. Crafted with the finest Mongolian cashmere and luxurious silk, MrQ provides garments that are both opulent and functional. Each piece is handcrafted by the finest craftsmen, the clothing assures unrivalled quality with everyday durability.

Straightedge have been operating MrQuintessential’s social media channels for a long period of time, building the brands awareness with engaging content. With the new Autumn/Winter collection on the horizon, it was Straightedges’ challenge to produce an alluring but powerful launch campaign.

The first segment of the campaign involved shooting, creating and editing 4 teaser video trailers, in order to entice followers with sneak peaks of the new range. This was followed up with individual image montages, posted regularly across the clients social channels.

To attract a larger audience to the campaign, we rolled out a competition on Instagram which involved 3 components. In order to win, users had to sign up to the newsletter, ‘like’ the photo and tag a friend. The competition was a great success and significantly grew MrQuintessentials’ Instagram following.

Within all of the social activity that was conducted, we offered an early bird notification to the audience. By signing up to the notification list, the customer received a stylishly designed ‘Be the first’ eShot – which allowed them to purchase the new range items a day before the official launch.

Now that the collection has gone live, our social team in the studio will continue to grow MrQ’s social media channels. We are now rolling out our post-launch strategy which involves a blog series that promotes the new garments, as well as collaboration with key social influencers from around the world.


MrQ has now used Straightedge for over a year and have recently helped with the release of our new AW18 mens collection. Straightedge understood exactly what was needed to have a successful product launch. They brought innovative ideas to the table, creativity, and masses of enthusiasm to the project. With the help of Straightedge, we have had a a great new season’s launch, and I will most certainly be using them again going forwards.

– Simon Jacobs, Director


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