World Cycling Revival

World Cycling Revival is a team of passionate cycling enthusiasts, with an unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial desire to celebrate the history of the bicycle. The team intends to bring their festival of appreciation to the world by hosting an annual event consisting of heritage sporting activities, vintage music and high end style.

We were tasked to create a unique identity for this world first celebration, one that encapsulated the client’s vision. The most challenging factor of the project was that the identity needed to reflect two very different eras: vintage (to encapsulate the history), and modern Keirin bike racing (a main sporting activity within the event).

In order for us to achieve the correct visual tone for the identity, we dedicated a large portion of time to researching unusual and unique illustrative styles and vintage nuances. The result is a finely balanced stylisation of the Keirin riders’ vibrancy and energy, with vintage graphics and typography selections. This showcases a visual identity that works harmoniously.

We approached the team at Straightedge with an exciting, and very challenging, creative brief. We asked the team to create a single piece of art that not only promoted our world first event. But we wanted it to be unique to us. After a fair amount of creative exploration, the team at Straightedge hit the nail on the head, providing us with a genuinely bespoke design that surpassed our expectations.

We found the guys at Straightedge were not just a highly creative thinking team, but that they were also highly vigilant and flexible to our evolving thoughts through the project process.

John Postlethwaite, Founder